Publication List of Shunsuke Furukawa

Original publications :

20. Synthesis and Properties of Spiro-type Heterasumanenes containing Group 14 Elements as Bridging Atoms, Furukawa, S.; Hayashi, K.; Yamagishi, K.; Saito, M. Mater. Chem. Front. DOI: 10.1039/c7qm00590c

19. Disodium Benzodipyrrole Sulfonate as Neutral Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells, Shang, R.; Zhou, Z.; Nishioka, H.; Halim, H.; Furukawa, S.; Takei, I.; Ninomiya, N.; Nakamura, E. J. Am. Chem. Soc. DOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b01783

18. Anisotropic Crystals Based on a Main-Group Coordination Polymer with Alignment of Rigid π Skeletons, Saito, M.; Akiba, T.; Furukawa, S.; Minoura, M.; Hada, M.; Yoshikawa, H. Y. Organometallics 2017, 36, 2487-2490.

17. Formation of Dibenzopentalane-linking Polymers under the Two-Zone CVD and Wet Conditions, Saito, M.; Suda, Y.; Furukawa, S.; Nakae, T.; Kojima, T.; Sakaguchi, H. Chem. Lett. 2017, 46, 1099-1101.

16. Triphosphasumanene Trisulfide: High Out-of-Plane Anisotropy and Janus-Type π-Surfaces, Furukawa, S.; Suda, Y.; Kobayashi, J.; Kawashima, T.; Tada, T.; Fujii, S.; Kiguchi, M.; Saito, M. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 5787-5792.

15. Efficient Synthesis of 1,4-Bis-heteroatom-substituted Tetraselanylbenzenes via 1,4-Dilithiation of Hexaselanylbenzene and Investigation on Their Electronic Properties, Fujita, M.; Furukawa, S.; Saito, M. Chem. Asian J. 2017, 12, 954-957.

14. Synthesis and Reactivity of a Ruthenocene-type Complex bearing an Aromatic π-Ligand with the Heaviest Group 14 Element, Nakada, M.; Kuwabara, T.; Furukawa, S.; Hada, M.; Minoura, M.; Saito, M. Chem. Sci. 2017, 8, 3092-3097.

13. Benzodipyrrole-based Donor-Acceptor-type Boron Complexes as Tunable Near-infrared-Absorbing, Nakamura, T.; Furukawa, S.; Nakamura, E. Chem. Asian J. 2016, 11, 2016-2020.

12. The Chemistry of Heterasumanenes, Saito, M.; Furukawa, S.; Kobayashi, J.; Kawashima, T. Chem. Rec. 2016, 16, 64-72.

11. Near-infrared absorbing heterocyclic quinoid donors for organic solar cell devices, Ay, E.; Furukawa, S.; Nakamura, E. Org. Chem. Front. 2014, 1, 988-991.

10. Synthesis of π-Extended Dibenzophospholes by Intramolecular Radical Cyclization and Their Properties, Furukawa, S.; Haga, S.; Kobayashi, J.; Kawashima, T. Org. Lett. 2014, 16, 3228-3231.

9. Hexaaryl-benzodipyrroles: Properties and Application as Amorphous Carrier-Transporting Materials, Tsuji, H.; Yokoi, Y.; Furukawa, S.; Nakamura, E. Heterocycles 2015, 90, 261-270

8. Formation of a Polycrystalline Film of Donor Material on PEDOT:PSS Buffer Induced by Crystal Nucleation, Harano, K.; Okada, S.; Furukawa, S.; Tanaka, H.; Nakamura, E. J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys. 2014, 52, 833-841.

7. Synthesis of Triphosphatruxene via Sextuple Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution and Simple Isolation of Stereoisomers, Kojima, T.; Furukawa, S.; Tsuji, H.; Nakamura, E. Chem. Lett. 2014, 43 (5), 676-677.

6. Tripyridyltruxenes: Thermally Stable Cathode Buffer Materials for Organic Thin-Film Solar Cells, Tsuji, H.; Ota, Y.; Furukawa, S.; Mitsui, C.; Sato, Y.; Nakamura, E. Asian J. Org. Chem. 2012, 1 (1), 34-37.
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5. The First Observation of Electroluminescence from Di(2-naphtyl)disilene, an Si=Si Double Bond-Containing π-Conjugated Compound, Tamao, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Matsuo, T.; Furukawa, S.; Tsuji, H. Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 1030-1032.

4. Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Functionalized Silepins: High Quantum Yield Blue Emitters, Mercier, L. G.; Furukawa, S.; Piers, W. E.; Wakamiya, A.; Yamaguchi, S.; Parvez, M.; Harrington, R. W.; Clegg, W. Organometallics, 2011, 30, 1719-1729.

3. Application of the Sila-Friedel-Crafts Reaction to the Synthesis of π-Extended Silole Derivatives and Their Properties, Furukawa, S.; Kobayashi, J.; Kawashima, T. Dalton Trans. 2010, 39, 9329-9336.

2. Development of a Sila-Friedel-Crafts Reaction and Its Application to the Synthesis of Dibenzosilole Derivatives, Furukawa, S.; Kobayashi, J.; Kawashima, T. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 14192-14193.
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1. Formation of a Stable Sulfenic Acid by Hydrolysis of a Thionitrate and a Sulfenyl Bromide, Goto, K.; Shimada, K.; Furukawa, S.; Miyasaka, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Kawashima, T. Chem. Lett. 2006, 35, 862-863.